Moment little girl almost gets knocked down by reversing car


Video footage that shows a little girl almost get knocked down by a reversing car outside a supermarket has sparked online debate about who’s to blame.

The dash cam shows a woman, with one child in the trolley seat and the other walking beside her, outside an Aldi store.

A car with its reversing lights on appears just as the girl makes a dash across the road, stopping herself just in time.

The woman then angrily shouts and points at the driver following the incident outside a Nottingham store last Saturday.

The 30-second clip begins with the woman and children beginning to cross the road at the front of the Aldi store.

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In the corner of the video a grey vehicle can be seen beginning to reverse, with its lights on.

However, the woman continues to cross while apparently staring directly at the car.

As the vehicle comes closer, she pulls the trolley backwards and manages to get out of the way in time – but the young girl with her was already halfway out into the road.

The mother then decides to take out her frustration on the vehicles driver, who didn’t stop and continued reversing.

Ben Hemstock, from Gedling, Nottinghamshire, posted the video on Facebook.

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Sean Costa responded: “What right mother would let their kids run around in a car park anyway, is she thick or what?”

Michael Hilton commented: “So she walks out of the store, passes the zebra crossing and then decides to cross the road when the car is reversing, and lets her kid run across the road without even knowing if the other side is clear.

“Then has a go at the driver for their lack of observations and brains? Both as bad as each other but the woman crossing endangered her child by her failings.”

Kitty Godolphin wrote: “It really grates my goat when people cross behind cars that are already manoeuvring. Impatient and obnoxious and in this case – what a fine example you are to your kids. Not.”

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While Gerald Smith added: “You will also note that the woman was looking at the car with its reversing lights clearly on but still stepped out, she should have waited until she could be sure what the driver intended.”

However, others defended the woman and noted that the driver should have been paying more attention.

Ben himself wrote: “To be fair…I wouldn’t have used the crossing either. She was getting back to the parent and child spaces. No other way to get to them.”

And Daniel Watson-Marsh added: “Another example of people not using their mirrors.”

While Nygel Nevins believes they were both to blame. He said: “Both idiots. Don’t walk behind a reversing car, and don’t reverse without looking where you’re going. The driver should have seen the woman and stopped, but the woman shouldn’t have been walking behind the reversing car.”