Porsche driver almost crashes as car pulls out – but who’s to blame?


Shocking video of a car overtaking into the path of another overtaking vehicle has sparked a heated online debate about who’s to blame.

The clip shows a Porsche pulling out to overtake two cars and a tractor on a country road.

But another car pulls out to overtake the tractor as the Porsche is coming up behind, causing the sports car to emergency brake and skid on to the grass verge.

Online, viewers are divided between those who blame the Porsche driver for trying to overtake too many vehicles too fast and those who blame the other driver for failing to check his mirror before pulling out.


The footage was captured by dash cam driver Nigel Whittaker last month, who was in the car with his wife and three children on the B6045 between Blyth and Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Nigel uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “The Porsche tries to overtake two cars and a tractor.

“One of the cars he is over taking doesn’t look and pulls out alongside nearly wiping him out.”

The clip begins with Nigel, driving at 25mph, following the Porsche along the B road.

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The road is a 60mph limit, but the vehicles in front of Nigel are being held up by a tractor.

Another white vehicle can be seen pulling out and overtaking the queue of traffic, and moments later the grey Porsche decides to try the same move.

When the Porsche driver pulls out, a further two cars and a tractor can be seen in the road ahead.

As the Porsche continues down the road overtaking the vehicles, suddenly the car sitting directly behind the tractor pulls out to overtake themselves.


This sends the Porsche skidding into the grass verge at the side of the road, and the driver is forced to brake heavily on the wrong side of the road to avoid a collision.

The car that pulled out then speeds off into the distance, and can be seen turning right moments later in the distance.

The Porsche almost stops fully on the road, but then manages to continue on and overtake the tractor – before also turning off right just over 10-seconds later.

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The clip has divided users online as to whom is to blame.


Sammie McArthur said: “It is not illegal to over take multiple cars if safe. You should always check your mirrors before trying to over take. The guy in the Porsche was lucky but if there was an accident the fault would lie with the t**t who pulled out without checking the mirrors.”

Chris Page added: “Idiot should have looked in his mirror before overtaking. The Porsche driver did nothing wrong.”

Lee Steven Friend commented: “The Porsche had the power to do it, what was the car in front of him doing? Keep putting his brakes on? The other car just has no observation around him sadly.”

While Liam Rose said: “Only t**t at fault is car two that pulled out.”


However, Gavin Spence countered: “P***k in a Porsche. The idiot was the one in the Porsche – did he not even consider that one of the cars behind the tractor would be that busy looking at the road in front and working out if it was safe enough to overtake?

“His speed was way in excess of what I’d have classed as safe and he was on a public road not a racetrack.”

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While many believed both drivers were at fault.

Teifion Tom Felix said: “Everyone’s so sure it’s 100% either the Porsche driver or the other driver’s’ fault – both to blame surely?”

Emily Burgess added: “I say both to blame. The Porsche could see people in front of him were gradually overtaking the tractor, but the guy should have checked his mirrors beforehand because that could have been a motorbike coming down the outside.”

Subodha Bhatt wrote: “They shouldn’t have been overtaking. A double solid line means no crossing it. They’re both at fault.”

While Jason Prichard said simply: “A good warning and reminder to us all.”

Dashcam driver Nigel said today: “It was pretty scary to see it happen. Once we got past the top of the hill we could see clear roads for a good mile past the tractor.

“When I had seen the car pull out and and the Porsche start to swerve, I had started to brake with the intent of stopping completely.

“Luckily I was still only doing 25mph so I wouldn’t need as much stopping distance if I had to do an emergency stop.”