Moment youngster almost crushed by out-of-control automatic car


Shocking video shows the moment a youngster comes close to being crushed by an out-of-control automatic car.

The boy, aged about 13, sees the car approaching just in time and leaps back as the impact occurs.

The force of the impact buckles the bonnet of the powerful automatic and pushes forward the car it collides with.

The accident is believed to have happened when the driver hit the accelerator hard rather than the brake.


The video was shot in London from a parked vehicle fitted with a dash cam with front- and rear-facing cameras.

The start of the video shows the view out of the back of the dash cam vehicle. The white automatic, on the other side of the road, can be seen lurching forward before it disappears from the frame.

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The front-facing camera shows the young boy shutting the back door of another car. Hearing the engine noise of the approaching automatic he looks to his right and immediately jumps back with his hands raised into the air.

He moves out of the way just as the other car smashes into its rear and sends his suitcase flying over the road.


The silver car is pushed forward down the street, before jolting backwards hitting the white car’s bumper again.

The boy backs away from the incident looking shocked, and backs right into another parked vehicle.

Patryk Stoklosa, who filmed the incident said: “All I heard was the engine screaming and then the car just launched forward.”

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He wrote on Facebook: “The guy in the white car, which was automatic, tried to go forward to clear the yellow line and he used his left foot but hit the accelerator.


“He then tried to stop but he stepped on the accelerator again instead of the brake.”

Other users commented on the shocking incident.

Graham King wrote: “You’d think with only two pedals it would be harder to get it wrong… down to lack of concentration.”

Darren Firth wrote: “It’s a good job that was not a pram with a child in it.”