Hapless builder erects fence across front of property with truck parked inside


An epic fail by a hapless builder has been snapped after he erected a fence across the front of a property with his truck parked inside.

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Pictures show the unlucky workman wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket dismantling the half built fence to drive his vehicle out.

Col Condron, a property care specialist from Manchester captured the blunder at his neighbours house on Friday.

Posting the snaps online Col said: “He’s only gone and fenced his van in the helmet.”


Miraculously, the man manages to squeeze the white Isuzu truck between two newly cemented posts after desperately attempting to dislodge them.

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Stacee Jayne Harper commented: “Comedy gold that is.”

Angel Davis added: “Like building a car in your basement.”

However Gregg Palmer sympathised with his predicament admitting he had done the same himself.


He said: “I done the same years ago when I put up some new tennis courts.

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“Worked late one night until it got dark to finish, then realised I’d fenced my truck in – I wasn’t too happy.”

Despite a small number of dodgy builders its recommended to seek the services of a qualified tradesman, as research by British Gas has found that Britons pay £34 billion each year to fix their own DIY mistakes.

Across their lifetimes, the average adult will mess up nine DIY jobs so spectacularly that they need to call in professional help costing on average £650 to repair.