Shocking moment “wedding convoy” let off smoke bombs on rush hour motorway


Shocking footage shows car passengers in a “wedding convoy” letting off smoke bombs on a motorway during the rush hour.

Multi-coloured smoke is seen pouring from at least four cars, partially blocking the visibility of drivers on the M66 near Manchester.

At one point a man stands with the top half of his body out of the sunroof letting off a smoke bomb into the path of following vehicles.

A broken down car and recovery vehicle are seen on the hard shoulder at one point, adding even more peril to the already dangerous antics of the group.


HGV driver Mark Jowett captured the footage during Monday’s rush hour as he approached the junction with the M62.

At the start of the clip cars can be seen breaking and hanging back to avoid a mass of smoke which has begun spreading in the distance.

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A man can be seen standing upright with his body emerging from the sunroof of a larger white vehicle while he lets off an orange-coloured bomb.

He cheers, waving his arms around and looking around in different directions.


As other cars try to avoid the antics, the man in the sunroof leans over trying to ensure the smoke is in the way of passing cars.

Purple smoke can be seen ahead spreading across the carriageway, being let out of a right-side window in a car in front.

As the sun-roof car catches up, the two continue along the motorway side-by-side letting off smoke.

The two cars then catch up to the wedding car which they seem to be following. At this point another black car letting off green smoke can be seen driving up the hard shoulder.

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Then three of the cars surround another vehicle by using the hard shoulder.

The car is clearly in distress as it begins flashing it’s hazard lights and trying to pull back from the other drivers.

The hard shoulder car then speeds off crossing two lanes to catch up to the other cars in front.

The HGV driver passes an AA break-down vehicle on the hard shoulder before catching up to and passing the fleet, which are now spreading red smoke.


Mark uploaded the clip to Facebook group ‘U.K. Dash Cam Footage yesterday, writing: “Wedding convoy.”

Graham Bateson responded: “Tuesday wedding, Wednesday funeral.”

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Tony Pratt wrote: “What a load of idiots. No safety for other vehicles.”

Nigel Doble added: “Undertaking in lane one lol.”


Brian Forbes wrote: “Stupid idiots.”

Robert Gutteridge added: “More t*s.”

Edmund King, AA president, said : “Whilst having a wedding convoy to celebrate your big day is a great way to celebrate your nuptials, illegally driving up the hard-shoulder with smoke flares is more likely to result in a funeral than a wedding.

“Indeed this convoy put an AA patrol and members at risk so could have ended in four funerals and a wedding.”