“44 tonnes of idiot!” Shocking moment biker catches HGV driver “filming traffic on mobile”


Shocking video shows an HGV driver using his mobile phone to film a group of bikers passing him on a busy motorway.

The driver – dubbed “44 tonnes of idiot” by the biker who filmed him – was caught on the M60 in Greater Manchester on Remembrance Sunday.

The clip shows the driver of the Jack Richards and Sons vehicle using one hand to point his mobile out of the side window at passing traffic.

His attention seems to be firmly on the mobile screen rather than the traffic about him.


The incident happened despite a potential fine of £2,500 and the fact an HGV driver is serving 10 years for killing a family of four while on his mobile.

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The biker, who wishes to remain anonymous, filmed the lorry driver using a helmet-mounted camera as he passed in the middle lane.

The 46-year-old welder from Manchester looks up at the driver and catches the moment he takes his eyes away from the road and points his phone out of the window.

The footage was recorded around 1.15pm on November 11, as 3000 bikers had just left Birch Services in Rochdale, Greater Manchester to commence the event ‘Ring of Red M60’.


The clip is captioned on the site: “44 tonnes of idiot! Camera at the ready!”

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One user called EinkOLED said: “He’s probably a biker himself.”

The dash cam biker replied: “Oh that makes it all okay then.”

Another user called jessee odom wrote sarcastically: “He was using his camera to see if any one was beside him to change lanes. He was trying to be safe.”


Jerry Gregor sarcastically replied: “What a thoughtful chap.”

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A HGV driver using his phone behind the wheel caused a crash which killed a family of four in Berkshire two years ago.

Tomasz Kroker is currently serving a ten-year jail term for the incident.

A maximum fine for HGV drivers using phones while driving currently stands at £2500.


Jack Richards and Sons have been approached for comment.