Queue-dodging motorist turns pavement into road for at least 200m at 20mph


Astonishing video shows a motorist dodge a traffic jam by using the pavement as a road – driving at around 20mph for at least 200 metres.

The dangerous driver even tailgates a cyclist using the pavement as they avoid a congested street in High Wycombe, Bucks.

The driver of the maroon Suzuki drives in the middle of the wide pavement for 12 seconds in the clip.

The car is already on the pavement when it comes in to view and still on the pavement when the clip ends, so the driver is likely to have been breaking the law for much longer.


The incident, captured on a dash cam by an astonished Piotr Mazur, happened in the Cressex Industrial Area on October 4.

Piotr posted the video to Facebook with the caption: “Someone is on the promise.”

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The video shows cars in both lanes stuck in a traffic jam unable to move more than a few feet at a time.

A cyclist can be seen riding on the pavement that is mostly deserted.


Suddenly a maroon coloured Suzuki appears in view and is racing down the pavement passing every car in the jam.

The SUV appears to be going quite fast as it appears to reach the end of the queue in a matter of seconds.

The video has sparked a reaction from people in the comments.

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Kris Sharman said: “Off roading”.


Kerry Houghton added: “Bet the police would be interested to see this footage!”.

Guy Pearson wrote: “Could be after the bike rider?”

Piotr said: “I was stuck in traffic in High Wycombe at Cressex Industrial Area and it appears that one of the drivers didn’t want to wait patiently like every normal driver and decided to overtake everyone using pedestrian path”.