Reckless driver swerves into outside lane narrowly avoiding smash


Shocking video shows a reckless driver almost cause a smash by veering into the outside lane of a motorway, forcing another motorist to slam on the brakes.

The driver of the black Ford pulls out without indicating in front of the dash cam vehicle, brakes sharply, and then zooms off.

The incident happened on the M3, near Sunbury-On-Thames, Surrey, on New Year’s Eve but footage has only just emerged.

The clip begins with the dash cam vehicle in the outside lane, and the black Ford cruising behind a red vehicle both in the middle lane.

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None of the three vehicles appear to be going fast enough to warrant sitting in either of the outside lanes.

As the dash cam vehicle catches up with the two vehicles, suddenly, and without indicating, the black Ford pulls out into the right hand lane.

The two vehicles come within inches of each other as the Ford slows down, before speeding off through a huge puddle.

The spray ends up feet in the air, flies across the other side of the carriageway, and splashes the dash cam vehicle as the Ford takes off at speed.

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In October 2017, a lorry driver condemned the courts for allowing a motorist who appears to “brake-check” him on a busy motorway escape with a fine and points.

Shocking video of the incident shows the car brake and coming within a few inches of the HGV on at least two occasions on the M8.

Instead of losing his licence and facing a lengthy ban, the driver was given just seven points and an £810 fine.