Astonishing footage shows door fall off Police van in Bideford


Astonishing footage shows officers having a bad start to the year as a door falls off their patrol van.

Devon and Cornwall cops were on patrol on Pitt Lane in Bideford in North Devon at 1.39am on New Year’s Day (01/01/2019) when disaster struck.

The incident was captured on dash cam by driver Pete Mann.

As the clip begins the side door of the ford transit can be seen open, and hanging precariously – moments later it falls onto the road shattering the window and sparks are flying.


Seconds later the van stops and blue lights are switched on, an officer emerges from the vehicle to retrieve the door.

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Officers in another vehicle being driven behind Pete also come to give a helping hand.

Pete, 27 said: “One of my passengers jokingly commented that someone was trying to run away from the police.”

On Facebook Gemma Sargent commented: “Oh my god! I was driving behind the cop car last night and was adamant there was no door!! But thought surely not!… you’ve just saved my wondering hahaha.”


Police vehicles are exempt from the regulatory MOT test as vehicles are maintained in an approved workshop.

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A spokeswoman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “In the early hours of Tuesday 1 January, a door from a police van travelling in Bideford became detached and landed in the road.

“Officers stopped the van and removed the door from the road.

“The van has since been taken to be repaired.”