Woman drives in motorway roadworks safety lane – at 10 times speed limit


Shocking video shows an “incompetent” motorway driver using a road workers safety lane at 10 times the speed limit.

The lane on the M6 is clearly fenced off from traffic with metal and concrete barriers but that didn’t stop the driver putting workers’ lives at risk.

The clip shows the car driving at the same 50mph speed as the rest of the traffic while passing a hut clearly marked with a 5mph limit.

A disbelieving Matthew Owen captured the incident as he was driving on the northbound M6 between junctions 2 and 3.


The 34-year-old, from Desborough, Northants, shared the clip to Facebook captioned with: “Workers’ lives put at risk by an incompetent driver.”

In the short clip a driver in a small hatchback can be seen driving down the roadworks safety lane of the M6. A mixture of metal fencing and concrete bollards are in place to keep traffic away from the work force.

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A sign can also be seen which warns: “Works traffic only.”

Even when a short exit appears that allows works traffic to exit or join the safety lane, the driver carries on ahead.


The driver – described as a “mature” woman by Matthew – can be seen passing a hut with a 5mph speed limit sign beside it.

Speaking today Matthew said: “It’s shocking to see how somebody managed to get themselves in this position because it’s clearly separate from the main carriageway.

“The lady driver concerned was driving relatively quickly down the works lane heading towards some construction workers, which I did warn by sounding my horn, which was after the end of this clip.

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He continued: “I never saw her enter, she had an opportunity to leave the works area, but she carried on. I never reported this to the police as most of the time they won’t take any action.


“The lady in question was mature, early to mid 60s. She didn’t seem phased, and continued driving along.”

One viewer of the clip wrote: “Just a pity there wasn’t a six foot deep trench.”

Another added: “Sat nav said travel in left hand lane.”

One said: “Probably thought they’d sectioned off a lane specially for them.”

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Another posted: “A*****e with a licence – may as well give them a gun.”

Between 2003 and 2008, according to the Highways Agency, 11 road workers were killed and 104 were seriously injured on motorways and major routes in England.

In April this year, the M6 was reported to be Britain’s most dangerous motorway with 160 people being killed and the site of 7,431 accidents involving 12,491 vehicles.