Reckless biker filmed doing 70mph wheelie past stunned drivers


A reckless biker has been caught on dash cam doing an estimated 70mph wheelie past astonished motorists.

The rider comes within inches of the vehicles he passes, clearly putting the lives of other road users at serious risk.

The reckless motorcyclist over took a queue of cars travelling on the A1035 between Routh and Tickton, East Yorkshire.

The motorcyclist hugs the centre line and cruised past at least four or five motorists last Sunday.


The clip begins with the dashcam car driving down the A1035 with a queue of motorists in front of him.

Suddenly, a motorcyclist appears from the corner of the footage – not only hugging the centre line but doing a wheelie.

The motorcyclist, wearing a red, black, and white jacket, continues to do the dangerous manoeuvre as he speeds off into the distance.

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The dashcam car driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I didn’t notice him until he wheelied past my car. My first thoughts were how stupid.


“He was very close to to my car and riding on the white lines and dusty central part of the road. That’s not a good idea on two wheels, never mind one.

“I saw him continue to overtake several cars in front of me in the same way.”

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: “We would ask the driver of the car that captured the dash cam footage to contact us to submit the evidence. We would then be able to look at the footage in its entirety and address any offences committed.

“This rider not only looks to be endangering his own life but those of other road users and we would want to speak to him about the manner of his riding.”