Skye tourists caught roof-surfing at over 40mph on busy road


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A disturbing video shows three men surfing on a car as it travels on a busy tourist road in excess of 40mph.

The clip was filmed on the A87 in Skye and shows one man on the roof and two sitting on the rear doors.

The trio manage to cling on as the Mercedes with a foreign plate takes a tight right-hand bend, crossing the white line.

Incredibly, the man on the roof somehow manages to get most of his body back inside the car without falling.

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At the start of the video, filmed near Loch Sligachan on Thursday, the Mercedes is seen approaching the bend as a man wearing khaki coloured shorts and a black top, is seen with one knee on the roof and his other leg standing on the back door.

Holding onto luggage strapped onto the roof, he grasps on as the car goes around the bend watching the oncoming traffic and scenery.

Another man is seen on the other side of the car sitting on the rear door that has the window wound down.

Whilst the third passengers is also seen sitting on the door of the car with the window down, just feet away from oncoming cars.

© SWD/Deadline News

After travelling around the corner the man on the roof makes his way back into car which is seen weaving across the solid white line in the centre.

The tourist on the leftside of the Mercedes then makes a gesture towards the behind after noticing the camera.

Greg MacBean, who filmed the clip, said: “I pulled out of the Sligachan junction right behind them and they were on top of the car then.

“It was maybe a challenge or a dare. Thankfully as dangerous and stupid as it was, they all got back in safely and no one was hurt.”

Police on Skye this week appealed to tourists not to travel to the island unless they have pre-booked accommodation. Local police stations have been visited by travellers hoping officers can help find them digs.

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