Driver films himself driving on motorway during red weather warning


A shocking video shows a motorist apparently filming himself with a mobile while driving on a snow-covered motorway.

The driver has been branded “idiotic” for appearing to film his trip – while ignoring advice not to take to the roads at all.

The clip was posted by Youtuber 85cactus and uploaded on Wednesday but removed after viewers took him to task.

The motorist denied using a handheld mobile and claimed the footage was captured on a GoPro. However, the Youtuber can clearly be heard telling a companion to “hold the phone”.


The driver uploaded the clip with the caption: “Red snow warning Glasgow M8 west 2018.”

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The clip begins with Youtuber 85cactus driving down the snow and slush covered M8.

As the driver continues along the dangerous road, he looks down at his dashboard – showing that he is going at nearly 40mph.

85cactus continues along the motorway and while a white van can be seen in the distance in front of him, he continues to move the phone around to catch glimpses of the snowy weather.


The driver then approaches a LED sign with reads in bright orange writing: “Avoid road travel.”

At the very end of the clip, he can be heard saying “Hold the phone for a while, cheers” as a passenger appears to take the phone from him.

© SWD Media

Edmund King, AA president; said: “This is idiotic and potentially dangerous driving on so many levels.

“He was driving at some pace when advised not to and certainly appeared to be filming the whole journey.


“Ironically it is the anniversary of increasing the fines and penalty points for holding a mobile phone at the wheel – a message that apparently didn’t get through to this driver.”

85cactus responded to the criticism under his post, writing: “It’s a Gopro head mount strap. But it has turned out to be useless for a mobile, this is why I had to ask van boy to take it off.

“I know that holding it in hand is dangerous while driving…”