Moment “aggressive” Glasgow bin lorry cuts up learner at junction


Glasgow council is investigating after a driver one of a its bin lorries was caught on camera using the wrong lane to dangerously and pointlessly overtake a learner driver.

The driver of the 26-tonne bin lorry uses a turn right lane to go straight ahead, cutting in front of the learner with feet to spare.

The reckless manouevre is then shown to be completely pointless as the bin lorry driver turns right seconds later.

The footage comes just over three years after a Glasgow council bin lorry killed six and injured 15 when driver Harry Clarke blacked out.


The clip was filmed at a set of traffic lights in the Colston Road area of the city.

As the learner sets off, the lorry speeds past in the right turn only lane and cuts in front. The lorry also comes perilously close to vehicles waiting at the lights in the opposite lane.

Just a few metres later, the lorry then slows down and makes a right turn.

Gary Kemp, from Denny, Falkirk, captured the footage on his dash cam on earlier this month.


The reckless driving has caused a stir online, with social media users dubbing the driver “aggressive” and “arrogant”.

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Gary, 20. took to Facebook to share the video, captioning it: “Hi everyone this one really got my blood boiling.

“I was following a learner drive going home from work, all was going well they were not driving slow, really a good wee learner.

“We then had to go round a bin lorry and sat and waited at the lights.


“Now the lane we are waiting in is a straight ahead or left turn, and the lane on the right is right turn only. I have no idea what was going through the council driver’s head when he decided to do this.”

Speaking today, Gary said: “It was very aggravating to see someone do that to a anyone no matter someone still trying to learn. I was really upset by the driver’s behaviour.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post and slam the lorry drivers actions.

Danny Critchley said: “The daft thing is in 100m he’d be stopping again. Terrible driving.”


Teresa Grimson added: “The bin lorry driver is a t**t and they think they rules of the road don’t apply to them.”

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Gary Slade commented: “Very poor driving, forward this to the police. I wonder if it would be considered dangerous driving.”

Bex Mansfield wrote: “No wonder there are so many unconfident young drivers on the road, they’ve been bullied within an inch of their life all the time they’ve been learning.”

Mark Joseph added: “No excuse for that.”


While Barry Nicholas Thom said simply: “Arrogant, aggressive driving.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is now under investigation.”

In December 2014 Harry Clarke, from Baillieston, was behind the wheel of a bin lorry in Glasgow when he blacked out and crashed into pedestrians – killing six people and injuring 15.

Mr Clarke had previously fainted while working as a bus driver and failed to disclose it when he joined the council.

It later emerged during a fatal accident inquiry that he had made more than 300 visits to doctors and GPs since 1976 – with issues such as dizziness, persistent headaches, anxiety, vertigo and depression being raised.