Bus driver films bizarre videos from behind the wheel

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

A bus driver has resigned after filming bizarre videos from behind the wheel and posting them online.

Leon Morrow’s weird clips include a shot of him driving while using Snapchat on his smartphone to give himself lipstick and eye shadow.

In another, he films himself giggling as an eccentric passenger leaves the bus screeching “bye” with increasing volume.

After the clips were discovered by McGill’s Bus Company, based in Greenock, Inverclyde, Mr Morrow was put under investigation and promptly resigned.


The 25-year-old from Paisley, Renfrewshire, has now set up a gofundme page on which he details the sorry end to his bus driving career, reveals he’s “skint”, and appeals for donations.

The most popular of his videos shows him grinning at the camera as a female passenger waits to get off the bus.

As the bus slows down, the woman says “Thanks driver”, to which Leon replies “Thank you”.

She then says “Bye bye driver” and he responds “Bye bye”.


The woman continues to shout “Bye” in an increasingly high voice, until she steps off the bus and screeches ‘Bye’ one last time.

It would appear the woman is notorious in the area, thought to be Govan, Glasgow, as many people comment online saying they had seen her before.

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

A video uploaded earlier this month appears to be filmed from behind the wheel and shows Mr Morrow grinning at the camera while driving. He appears to have used a Snapchat filter to add lipstick and eye shadow to his face.

Another image, a still photograph, shows Mr Morrow with his face comically distorted by a smartphone app. It is not clear if he is driving.


Leon revealed a few days ago that his jokes had backfired.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “Sorry everyone the video has to come down.

“People phoning my work and complaining. Tatties!”

He has since set up a gofundme page, called ‘Help a now jobless brother out’, where friends and family can donate money.


On it he writes: “I posted a very harmless video on Facebook of a sweet old lady who gets on my bus and she responded perfectly with me.

“The video soon got thousands of shares and thousands of views.

“But then my work caught fire of what was going on and I was asked to resign leaving me helpless as a slug in salt.

“Help a brother out with some justice served. I’M SKINT.”

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

He set the fundraising target at £100,000, but has only managed to raise £50 in two days.

The reaction online to Mr Morrow’s clip of the “screeching” lady might have served as an early warning.

Katie Sneddon said: “I hope he gets the f****** sack for driving and using his mobile…and also taking the piss out of a very independent woman who has a disability.”

Natasha Fraser wrote: “This is sad, she obviously has special needs. Taking the piss is just plain wrong.”

But Kyle Thunder wrote: “Aww it’s wee Margaret. She gets the bus just around the corner from me. If you’re ever on the same bus as her, she will talk the hind legs off you.”

Karina Burrows said: “I’ve had to say bye to her on the bus five times over.”

Rachel McDonald added: “I love this wee woman she always talks to me.”

A spokeswoman for McGill’s said: “McGill’s received a number of complaints regarding Mr Morrow’s postings on social media and the decision was taken to immediately suspend Mr Morrow, pending a disciplinary investigation.

“At this point, Mr Morrow resigned. This driver has breached a number of important policies as well as road traffic law.

“McGill’s will not tolerate actions that jeopardise people’s safety or infringe their right to respect and courtesy.

“We are obliged to notify the traffic commissioner of any PCV drivers found using mobile phones and we will obviously do so in this instance.”

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