CCTV planned for Saughton Park to tackle ‘wayward’ parking and vandalism


Green Councillor Gavin Corbett has revealed that CCTV is being considered to tackle ‘wayward’ parking and vandalism at Saughton Park in the capital.

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The popular park known as one of Edinburgh’s hidden jewels, is currently undergoing a £6.7 million restoration project and is due to be completed by the end of the year.

A local resident took to social media on Saturday to show his dismay as a vehicle belonging to a nearby Food and Drink supplier AM Foods, was parked on a newly planted flower bed at the entrance on Balgreen Road.

Tweeting the pictures of the vehicle the man only known as Stephen said: “Shame to see some don’t respect the work put into planting this area recently.”


He added: “It was so disappointing to see as the area is so important to the community, and a lot of volunteer planting has happened in the last couple of weeks.”

Councillor Corbett responded: “Over the summer I spoke at length to the project team both about wayward parking and vandalism and there’s a bid in for CCTV because it’s been a sad problem in the last few years.”

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Speaking to SWD Media, company director Phil Murray said: “I cannot believe this has happened, I am furious and disgusted. I had no idea that a staff member was using this van outwith office hours and am absolutely appalled that someone could show such little regard for public property.

“We are a local business and I am aware of the hard work and effort that has gone into transforming this area. To park our company vehicle, any vehicle for that matter, on a flower bed is simply unforgivable and totally mindless.


“I will ensure that this is dealt with fully and respectfully.”

A Council spokesperson said: “We expect visitors to Saughton Park to park responsibly and take care of the newly-planted entrance, which has been renovated as part of the multi-million pound restoration of the park.”

Social media users also highlighted graffiti at the newly built entrance at the corner of Stevenson Drive, as well as describing both incidents as appalling, disgraceful and disrespectful.

Kevin Heaney said: “Apart from wrecking the plants, the van driver is also blocking the view for drivers of pedestrians, including children using a crossing – zig zag lines on the road.”