Heated exchange between a cyclist and workmen but who is in the wrong?


A clip of a heated exchange between a cyclist and two workmen has created an online debate over who was in the wrong.

Footage of the incident last month in Edinburgh has been released under the pseudonym ‘Calm Cyclist’.

The video begins as the cyclist joins Murieston Road and is immediately overtaken by a JBEMS liveried van. There is a thud and the side mirror is bent back.

Two men jump out of the vehicle and they accuse the cyclist of hitting the mirror, but the cyclist insists the mirror hit him.


After a heated exchange the two men get back into their vehicle and the cyclist cycles off and turns left onto Murieston Crescent.

As the van overtakes the cyclist again the younger passenger appears to throw something at the cyclist. He claims it was an open bottle of Lucozade.

Calm Cyclist has stated that he won’t be contacting the police he said: “The police are unlikely to do anything.”

John Whyte commented: “Surely this was all resolved at the time? They all gave as good as they got. Was there any need to post a video?


“He could lose the guys their job, all because he was petulant, started a fight, and then went running and telling tales after it.”

© Calm Cyclist/You Tube

Gayle Foulner wrote: “There are some (not all) very misguided opinions on here. When the ‘collision’ happened the cyclist was in the correct position on the road.

“As someone who teaches children bike safety through Bikeability Scotland they are taught not to cycle at the inside edge of a lane and to always keep at least a car doors width away from parked cars, for obvious reasons.

“They are also taught that if the road is too narrow for a car to overtake them safely to pull out further in to the lane so that cars cannot dangerously squeeze passed them.


“The video doesn’t show clearly if the van clips the cyclist or the cyclist hits the vans wing mirror in which case the van must have been far too close to the cyclist for him to be able to touch it.

“I’m the first one to admit that there are a lot of absolute d***s of cyclists out there but they are equally matched in number by absolute d***s of drivers. I’m the first person to call out bad cycling as I hate the fact that all us cyclists end up being tarred with the same brush.”

Darren Hylands commented: “Just because the drivers close doesn’t give the obnoxious jumped up little twit cyclist the right to hit and damage another vehicle.

“That’s like saying it’s ok for a pedestrian to lash out and hit a cyclist when they come to close on the pavement.”


Derek Clyde added: “Close passing is now an offence, c’mon Police Scotland do your job.”