Hero bus driver to be commended for helping woman who fell on pavement


A hero off duty bus driver ran to the aid of a woman on crutches who fell and hit her head on a pavement in the capital.

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The driver that doesn’t wish to be named assisted the woman, believed to be in her sixties to her feet and to the bus stop on Elm Row in Edinburgh at around 1.40pm on Tuesday.

Witness Paul Forsyth, 44, took to social media to personally thank and recognise the actions of the Lothian Buses driver believed to be on his way to central depot on nearby Annandale Street.

Paul tweeted: “Many thanks and well done to this unknown driver for helping a lady who fell flat in her face in Gayfield Place. He went to her aid, ensured she was alright, helped to get her back on her feet before gaving her an assisted walk to the bus stop.”

Lothian Buses confirmed on Wednesday that the driver will be commended for his help internally.

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Speaking to SWD Media, Paul, a part time medic said: “The lady was on a crutch due to a walking issue with foot. She hit her head on ground showing early stages of a possible contusion.

“Driver offered to call an ambulance but lady said she was fine and would get checked out at the GP, where she was going at time of fall.

“He made sure she was fine before he left her with another unknown passer by at the bus stop.”

A spokesperson for Lothian Buses said: “Our staff are committed to the welfare of our customers and the wider community that we serve.

“We’re delighted to hear that our driver was able to help this lady and are proud to have him as part of our team who deliver an exceptional service to our customers on a daily basis.”