Police condemn “irresponsible” bikers using Instagram to flaunt law-breaking stunts


Police have condemned the “irresponsible” actions of bikers who use an Instagram account to show off high-speed wheelies in packed city traffic.

Shocking footage shows the brazen bikers doing wheelies at high-speed through a pedestrian crossing and on a dual carriageway and while weaving in and out of packed traffic.

Bikelife_Edinburgh, a private Instagram account, contains almost 200 pictures and videos of reckless youngsters promoting anti-social behaviour and dangerous stunts on busy roads.

Bikelife_Edinburgh, who have over 2,600 followers, began posting in October last year. Their latest post was uploaded only two days ago.


One disturbing clip from November last year shows a biker, doing a wheelie at 50mph down the West Approach Road – a 30mph zone.

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A stone’s throw from Edinburgh Castle, the biker wheelies and speeds through a red light at a pedestrian crossing, uses a bus lane to gain speed and goes through a second light on amber.

Another video shows a biker pulling a wheelie stunt in front of a group of awe-stricken young boys at the side of the road, while another clip shows a tiny 8-year-old on a motorbike, over double the size of him, speeding across a playing field.

The disturbing clip of the gang of bikers revving their engines and creating a cloud of smoke around them outside of St Leonard’s police station was uploaded to the page on January 13 this year.


They simply added the caption “FTP” (F* the police), and the account holds many other pieces of anti-police propaganda.

The group openly mock officers – with one post claiming Edinburgh police’s new off-road motorbikes, brought in to tackle anti-social yobs, would “catch nothing but the cold.”

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The clips show them pulling dangerous high-speed wheelies in busy, built up areas of the capital – a dual carriageway, residential streets, parks and sidewalks.

One clip of a biker pulling a 70mph wheelie where they are almost vertical was viewed over 2,331 times since it was posted in December last year. The clip appears to be filmed from a car going just as fast in the opposite lane.


The footage was simply captioned with a sunglasses-wearing emoji.

The road safety campaigner who investigated the site, but wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: “Enough is enough and it’s about time action is taken against these criminals. They think they are untouchable.

“For fifty plus to meet on scrambler bikes outside the divisional headquarters, all revving and causing a disturbance, trying to get a reaction – proves they are laughing at them and not scared of the law.

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“Perhaps the law are scared of them?”


Simon Williams, spokesman for the RAC, said: “This type of behaviour is shocking and unbelievably selfish as these motorcyclists are not just putting their own lives at risk, they are putting the lives of countless others at risk who are innocently driving, riding or walking by.

“Irresponsible, ‘show-off’ stunts like these are just one small wrong move away from a tragic accident.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “The behaviour shown is downright irresponsible and could have drastic consequences for the rider, observers and, of course, members of the public. We know that people have lost their lives as a result of driving motorbikes recklessly.

“We remain as committed as ever to tackling motorbike-related offences, keeping the public safe and bringing those responsible to justice.”