Range Rover ends up in stream as icy conditions grip much of Scotland


A Range Rover ended up nose-down in a stream after its driver apparently fell victim to the icy conditions gripping much of Scotland.

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A photograph shows the luxury car, likely to be worth well in excess of £30,000, with its bonnet and front wheel in the Water of Leith, Edinburgh.

The rear part of the car is balanced on the bank and it appears the vehicle may have slipped down a ice-covered bank.

Local Councillor Scott Arthur, who took the picture in the Currie area of the city, posted the impage to Twitter with the caption: “Winter impacts spotted on my bike to work today.”


He added: “Having a bad day? I spotted this on my bike to work.”

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Temperatures plummeted to -5 in that area on Sunday night, leaving untreated roads, grass and vehicles themselves covered in ice and frost. Another picture taken by Cllr Arthur about two miles downstream from the Range Rover shows a normally fast-flowing weir on the Water of Leith partially frozen.

Social media users responded to the photo with humour.

Alan Paxton said: “Hushed Attenborough voice: “The Jeep checks carefully for predators before drinking.”


An account for Colinton Community Council said: “Just dipping their headlights.”

Malcolm Reid added: “Whoops.”