Road Safety message on wheelie bin after spate of near misses


A resident living in a narrow street often used as a rat run has displayed a road safety message on wheelie bin for motorists after spate of near misses.

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The unnamed resident on Featherhall Avenue in Edinburgh who is believed to have two young children, has erected a cardboard Gruffalo like character with high-vis vest and beige combats with the message: “Please don’t mount the kerb! You could kill someone.”

Locals have been demanding for years for the street to be made one-way or a non through road, and are now desperate to see the council to take action to prevent the street being used as short cut by drivers looking to avoid congestion on St John’s Road.

Due to vehicles parked on one side, the two-way traffic cannot pass, meaning driving on the pavement has become commonplace due to the volume of traffic, and there have been several near misses with pedestrians and a road rage incidents where neither driver would reverse.


Transport Convener Councillor Lesley Macinnes said: “Clearly there is a lot of concern locally about reported irresponsible – and in some cases, dangerous – behaviour by drivers on this narrow residential street.

“Our officers have been in contact with the Community Council to arrange a meeting as soon as possible so that options for potentially altering traffic management and/or parking restrictions can be progressed.”