Crazy moment idiot biker undertakes car overtaking cyclist


© SWD/Deadline News

A reckless biker has been caught on camera undertaking a car – as the car overtakes a cyclist.

Duncan Milne’s helmet-mounted camera caught the moment the car passed to his right, giving him plenty of space.

But the 44-year-old could barely believe his eyes when an impatient motorcyclist appeared from nowhere and slipped between him and the overtaking car.

The biker continued to undertake the car even as the driver, who was almost certainly unaware of his presence, pulled back to the left of the road.

An amazed Duncan can be heard muttering “Jesus!” as he shakes his head at the lunatic manoeuvre.

© SWD/Deadline News

The bizarre incident was captured on camera in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, on Tuesday.

Duncan said today: “Whilst cycling home a car overtook me, they left plenty of room, but whilst doing so a motorbike decided to overtake me and undertake the car at same time.

“I think the biker was taking a big and unnecessary risk just for the sake of saving a few seconds, I dont know if the driver of the red car was even aware they were there.

“I saw the same biker the next day on my way home trying to force his way through a gap that wasnt there.”

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