Dramatic footage shows moment driver spun out of control

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

Dramatic footage shows the moment a driver spun out of control on a busy dual carriageway – smashing into a crash barrier and showering the road with debris.

The alarming dash cam footage was taken on the A90 heading towards Aberdeen in December 2015.

As the video opens both the camera car and the vehicle in front pull out into the fast lane to overtake slower moving traffic.

But disaster strikes when the car in front begins to pull back into the slow lane.

It seems that the driver does not anticipate a car in his path.

When he steers back into the outside lane to avoid it he loses control, spinning the vehicle and careening into the crash barriers.

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

The camera car can be heard slamming on its brakes, as the windscreen is showered with debris from the car which completes a spin of nearly 360 degrees before coming to a halt.

The camera car manages to miss the crashed vehicle by inches, but as it passes the wreck it appears that the collision has severely damaged the front of the car and left one of the headlights hanging off.

It is understood that – miraculously – no one was injured, and the drivers were only left badly shaken by the accident.

The footage – taken on December 3 at 15:48pm – and obtained by driving safety campaigner Scotland’s Worst Drivers (SWD).

Dash cam driver Shaun Hastie said: “Everyone was fine just shook up.

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

“The driver was a idiot as one had no brake lights also was definitely exceeding 70mph which is the speed limit for that road!”

A spokesman for the group said: “The driver appears to have lost control whilst trying to rectify a mistake to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

“It’s clear the car hit the barrier at high speed and everybody is very lucky they weren’t seriously injured and able to walk away from this.”

The driver was originally charged with driving without due care and consideration.

But the case was abandoned after coming to court.

© SWD/Deadline News
© SWD/Deadline News

A spokesman for the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal said: “It is the duty of the Crown to keep cases under review and, after full and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case, the Procurator Fiscal instructed that there should be no further proceedings.”

Reacting to the decision not to move the case forward, the spokesman for SWD added: “I find it shocking that this case was dropped.

“The collision had the potential to be fatal, it’s sheer luck that no other vehicles were involved.

“It’s very concerning that he has been allowed to continue driving without even a slap on the wrists.

“Hopefully this man has learned from his mistake otherwise a very big mistake has been made.”

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