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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Video of ‘council worker’ fixing pothole with Coco Pops goes viral

A hilarious parody video has gone viral after ridiculing a Scottish council – by pouring Coco Pops in to a pothole.

City council vehicle parked on segregated cycle path

City of Edinburgh Council have come under fire after a member of staff parked a vehicle blocking cycle path.

Motorist pulls off seven dangerous undertakes on M1 in minutes

Shocking footage shows a reckless driver perform seven highly dangerous motorway undertakes in minutes – while ignoring virtually empty outside lanes.

Cyclist stops to “flip off” driver who beeped him for jumping red

A defiant Deliveroo cyclist stopped in the middle of one of Scotland's busiest streets to "flip off" a driver who beeped him for jumping a red.

Moment cyclist wiped out as “police officer” turns car into station

Dramatic video shows a cyclist sent flying after he collides with a car - turning left into a police station.

Moment “death wish” driver stands in busy road to take pictures

A driver with a death wish has been caught on camera standing in the middle of traffic on a busy roundabout - to take pictures.

Cyclist is hurled across car bonnet in crash caused by bad parking

Dramatic video shows a cyclist thrown head-first across the bonnet of a car in an accident caused by atrocious parking.

Council hit with £5.5k fine after road painter almost mowed down

A Council has been fined after an astonishing video showed a white line painter working without protection almost get hit by an overtaking vehicle.

Adorable Amelia goes viral with her trainspotting performances

An adorable little girl has won the hearts of train drivers with her track side appearances - giving drivers safety advice and showing them her latest toys.

Unlucky driver has shunt on first anniversary of UK’s “fastest” driving test fails

An unlucky motorist has had a shunt on the first anniversary of becoming one of the fastest-ever driving test fails in the UK.

Lothian Buses to introduce almost 100 buses to the fleet this year

Lothian Buses has plans to introduce almost 100 buses to the fleet this year including forty-five brand new and a fully electric service.

Hamish it is! Lothian announce name of Macmillan Cancer support bus

Lothian Buses have announced the winner of a public vote to name its Macmillan Cancer Support bus.