Report Pavement Parking

Welcome to our reporting system, this system has been set up to enable users to send a report directly to the local authority in charge of the area where a vehicle has been parked on the pavement.

Pavement Parking impacts severely on pedestrians, especially those who are blind, have mobility issues and parents with prams or young children. Vehicles blocking pavements force these vulnerable pedestrians into the road to pass vehicles, posing a serious risk of injury or even death.

Since April 2015 we received over five hundred reports from residents in Edinburgh and these have been sent to Guide Dogs Campaigns to assist with the plotting of problem areas nationally.

We are currently working to get all 32 Scottish councils on board. Currently simple reports are sent to councils automatically via social media, and a generic logo has been used on each page.

Please select the council you wish to make a report to from the menu below and you will be redirected automatically.