Heart-stopping video shows vehicles inches away from collision


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Heart-stopping dash cam video shows the moment a driver comes within inches of causing a collision.

The black Honda CR-V decided to overtake a Turners lorry on a dangerous bend, but misjudged the distance and was still on the wrong side of the road as the couple’s vehicle caught up with them.

Driver Rob Baker, 59 and wife Diane from Smethwick were so badly shaken by the near miss that they had to stop at a garage afterwards.

They were driving along the A53 heading toward Market Drayton in Shropshire when the terrifying incident occurred.

The impatient driver nearly caused a dangerous accident, as the vehicle came within inches of hitting the Baker’s car.

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The video begins with the couple’s car approaching a bend in the road, and a lorry approaching in the distance.

The black Honda CR-V then comes into view, driving on the same side of the road as the couple.

As the two vehicles approach Diane can be heard gasping in shock as husband Rob tries to brake and make space for the oncoming car.

The Honda approaches at a high speed, and doesn’t manage to pass the tanker in time to get on the right side of the road.

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Despite Rob’s braking and maneuvering, the car comes within inches of causing a collision.

The couple wanted to share the video to raise awareness

Driver Rob, who was shaken by the incident, said: “I was travelling with my wife at about 50 mph and noticed a car overtaking a lorry on the opposite side of the road. I braked and moved over to the near side and could see that he wasn’t going to pass the lorry before reaching me.

“We had almost come to a stop when the overtaking vehicle passed within inches completely on our side of the road. The driver was an elderly male he didn’t seem to make any effort to brake or drop back behind the lorry. We were both very shaken by this and had to stop at a garage after.”

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