Watch out-of-control hot hatch hurtle backwards off road into wood


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Heart-stopping dash cam footage shows an out-of-control car slide backwards across a road and crash into a wood.

The bright yellow MG is seen hurtling, rear bumper first, across both lanes on a sharp bend and into trees, causing branches to shake and a cascade of leaves.

Remarkably, the driver of the ZR “hot hatch” walked away shaken but uninjured as a result of the crash just north of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Dan Beech, who recorded the mayhem on his car dash cam, admitted the incident on Sunday was “a bit close for comfort”.

At the start of the video, Dan is seen approaching the righthand bend.

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A silver car can be seen passing him less than a second before the out-of-control MG comes into view. Dan brakes heavily and less than 10 metres ahead, the MG mounts the pavement backwards and, off camera, crashes down an embankment colliding with the a tree.

Dan’s camera was playing up and the video freezes halfway through the incident, capturing a single frame of the stricken MG facing backwards. The front of the car can then be seen disappearing into the foliage.

Dan said: “There were no injuries and it did hit a tree.

“Not sure if it was reported to the police as didn’t stay around once I knew everyone was ok.

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“Not 100 percent sure how they lost control but there was a damaged post around the corner it looked like he had hit.”

Posting the footage online, he wrote: “This was a bit close for comfort, no one was injured thankfully.”

Commenting on the clip, one viewer wrote: “Did well to bury it in the trees so far hopefully he’ll be more careful in the future”

Whilst on social media user commented: “Damn…”

Another was more concerned about the quality of the footage, asking: “What was it filmed on, a potato?”

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