Motorist hurls abuse at man who photographed her car on pavement


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A Scottish motorist hurled abuse at man who photographed her car parked illegally on a pavement in an East Dumbartonshire Town.

The hot headed driver returned to her car moments after the photograph was taken on Saturday at around 10:30am in Bishopbriggs.

She then used her Vauxhall Corsa to block in David Brennan who also had his children present in the vehicle.

David said: “After pulling up beside and blocking me in she started swearing and shouting I can’t photograph her car.

“She was going to phone the police apparently but I then pointed out she had been parked illegally, blocked the road and been abusive in front of my children.

“Eventually she drove off and parked further up the road. I then drove off in the opposite direction and she followed me to a local supermarket – she parked elsewhere and that was the last I saw of her.”

© SWD/Deadline News

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