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Edinburgh, Scotland
Monday, December 18, 2017

Drunk woman left to fend for herself after road rage incident

What’s the crack here you may wonder? Well it was midnight on Friday night, Saturday morning outside HMP Edinburgh.

Bus hits car turning in front of lorry and prompts fierce online debate

The dramatic moment a car driver wrongly thinks he has been given right of way and gets hit by bus has sparked a fierce debate over who was at fault.

Driver of swaying HGV stays on motorway until load falls off

A HGV driver has been condemned for staying on the motorway despite his vehicle swaying in high winds before shedding part of its load.

Road Safety message on wheelie bin after spate of near misses

A resident living in a narrow street often used as a rat run has displayed a road safety message on wheelie bin for motorists after spate of near misses.

Range Rover ends up in stream as icy conditions grip much of Scotland

A Range Rover ended up nose-down in a stream after its driver apparently fell victim to the icy conditions gripping much of Scotland.

Absconded prisoner Conlon Carr being hunted by Police

Police in Edinburgh are currently investigating after a man made off from G4S security officers.

Paisley taxi driver pleads guilty to drink driving

A taxi driver who was stopped by Police after running a red light has pleaded guilty to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Moment driver overtakes on central reservation as passengers “inhale from balloon”

Terrifying footage captured the moment an impatient driver races down the central reservation on a dual carriageway.

Road closed for four hours after collision involving pedestrian

Police close road in capital for four hours after serious collision involving a vehicle and pedestrian.

Car pulled over by police stops in outside lane of M4 motorway

A terrifying video shows the moment a driver is pulled over by police – and stops in the outside lane of the motorway.

Motorist proves feeling ‘fit to drive’ does not mean you’re below limit

A Scottish motorist has proven that feeling 'fit to drive' the afternoon after the night before does not necessarily mean you are below the legal limit.

Instructor captures hilarious moment cop bungles a three-point turn

A Police officer has been caught on camera blocking a busy street for over a minute as they perform a 10-point turn – watched by laughing colleagues.