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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moment dopey bus driver jumps red light – next to police car

A dopey bus driver has been caught on camera jumping a red light right next to a police car - which immediately pulls him over.

Police seize uninsured vehicles as part of week-long campaign

Police have seized vehicles belonging to uninsured drivers as part a week long campaign in partnership with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Yob cyclist gets owned by mobility scooter rider following head-on

A bizarre video shows the silver-haired cyclist emergency brake and almost fall off after hitting the mobility scooter coming the other way round a corner.

Council criticised after parking attendants ignore van on pavement

A Scottish council have been criticised by one of their own staff after parking attendants ignored van parked on a pavement in the capital.

Missing Person Appeal Leah Dixon 14 & Jasmine Agnew

Leah Dixon (left) Jasmine Agnew/McGowan (right) Police Scotland is seeking the assistance of the public in trying to locate two teenage girls missing from Paisley and Renfrew. Fourteen year old Leah Dixon was...

Missing Person Appeal Shaun Dickson 14 from Ardrossan

Police Scotland are seeking the assistance of the public and the media in trying to locate a 14 year-old boy missing from Ardrossan.

“Don’t be a p***k!” Moment bus driver almost blocks fire engine

A bus driver has been caught on camera overtaking a car pulling over for an emergency vehicle – and almost blocking the fire engine coming the other way.

Moment dozy driver crashes into kind motorist who tried to help him

A considerate motorist captured the moment he let a car join a dual carriageway only for the driver to barge into the fast lane – and crash into him.

Heart-stopping video shows vehicles inches away from collision

Heart-stopping dash cam video shows the moment a driver comes within inches of causing a collision.

“#TopSpeedGun”: Police Scotland take mickey out of cop’s Tom Cruise-style aviator shades

Police Scotland have hilariously taken the mickey out of one of their own officers after he donned a dodgy pair of Tom Cruise-style aviator shades.

Crazy moment idiot biker undertakes car overtaking cyclist

A reckless biker has been caught on camera undertaking a car - as the car overtakes a cyclist.

Pioneering two-stage right turn to be introduced for cyclists in capital

A new two-stage right turn junction to help keep cyclists safe is being introduced on one of the Capital's major thoroughfares - the first such junction of its kind in Scotland.